Sunday, June 9, 2013

Buddhaful Break

Even though it's been a dream of mine for quite some time now to live in a studio in Pioneer Square (Downtown Seattle), this move has been a stressful one for me. One might think achieving your dream goals would be all bliss but, no, you are oh so very wrong in my case. I am the worst when it comes to change! I know I have told you about this in a previous post but it just stresses me out, even when I know it's for the good. All last week I was such a mess and couldn't get anything done but this week I am feeling much more focused and have actually been getting my projects started and accomplished.
Something about finding this old Buddhaful tee was a sign I needed to relax and just let the positive energy flow back into my life and let the nervous energy out. If you've never heard of Buddhaful before you should check them out--> They are a Seattle based clothing company that sponsors events promoting not only fashion, but, art, music, and life. Their designs are unique and uplifting, I really enjoy the way they make you feel. Even though this is a regular over-sized men's tee, I love the design detailing put into it and the fabric is still very soft for being as old as it is. The site also sells yoga wear, shorts, dresses, skirts, vests, hoodies, coats, accessories and way more for both men and women!
I cuffed the sleeves of the tee and wore a pair of ripped up jean shorts with off-white lace tights underneath. I like the interesting texture and volume it gave to the look, plus I felt the brown leather boots and tan socks added to that effect.
The sun finally came out again so it has been nice out and very distracting. I decided to color my hair all fancy and take some photos outside for a while instead of packing. This was exactly what I needed to do to get my head cleared and actually finish my projects. Plus now I have some more outfit photos and a blog post to share with you. Totally a win/win! <3
Now.... Back to packing and moving!
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last Minute Adventures

A few months back, my best friend Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography said she needed my help with a special project that had to be done in a few short days. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge but I was totally up for it, I mean I couldn't resist the chance to play with some of the lovely creations of Steampunk Couture's new 2013 Collection. If you haven't heard of this online company or style of clothing before, you really need to check this site out: The piece's they produce are all handmade and the attention to detail is exquisite. Highly recommend these designs to anyone wanting a bit more "Neo-Victorian, Sci-Fi and Shabby Chic fashion" in their lives! ;)
 We shot three looks in two days and I'm not gonna lie the first day was a bit of a mess. We started off late and it ended up getting dark before we could get much shooting in. We still managed to get a couple good shots of the Alexandra Bib Dress, which was very form-fitting but still super comfy. The poof sleeves on it were probably my favorite part, so big and kept their shape nicely!
The pocket watch in my hand is something Sarah received from Tragically Adorned (which is another online shop I recommend, fantastic jewelry pieces:
The next day shooting was much more of a  success and we were able to capture the other two looks I styled. The first piece I had to incorporate was a Skinny-fit Shrug with puff sleeves and button details. I loved the buttons, such pretty little hand-painted creations!

I decided to pair it with a corset from Ethereal Threads, another online shop I suggest checking out if your looking for custom fit, reasonably priced, well made corsets--> I purchased the lace skirt from a place in the mall and decided it looked better ripped up and tattered, I've also used it in a previous shoot but thought it went well with this look too.
The long striped socks were something Sarah found on, their above the knee sock selection is huge and I love all the different prints. The necklace was crafted by Sarah herself, check out her Etsy for more awesome-->
 For the very last look I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play in this gorgeously made Vex Skirt. This three tiered black skirt with red ruffle trim was such a staple steampunk piece to wear and style!

The new buttons I sewed on a cheap military jacket I picked up at Forever 21, went really well with antiqued looking buckle on the skirt. Sarah made a chain-linked book and rabbits foot to attached to the faux leather belt, I think it really gave the look more of an adventurous feel<3
All in all this experience was just another great excuse to have a good time playing with my best friend and some stunning designs. Made me feel like I was kid all over again, playing dress up with my cousin in my great-grandmother's fancy fur hats and pearls. I'll forever cherish memories like these! Thank YOU for taking time out of your day to allow me to share them with you. Now don't forget to check out the online shops I've listed in this blog if you're into creative, hand crafted goodies!
All photo were taken and edited by me dearest friend Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography<--check out her work!
Also in the middle of moving into an art studio space in Pioneer Square with my good friend Fox... Going to be living, breathing, and pretty much eating art 24/7. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see progress photos of that and understand why I've been so bad about keeping up with my postings lately ha!

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