Wednesday, September 4, 2013

City on the Sound

As some of you may have read on my Facebook I am going through another personal 'rough patch' in my life. I was contemplating taking a break from blogging again but have finally come to the realization that my life could honestly be described as a horrible television drama that I can't seem to ever turn off. So instead of taking a break I'm just going to apologize ahead of time if my posts aren't as great as they could be. I will be trying not to allow my personal problems much influence but they may just push me to be even better... Here we go!
Work in Progress... Close up
Fancy Feets!
Now that summer's fading fast, I was able to score these white platforms from H&M for a super deal. I think they were on sale for about ten dollars! ;) I decided to fancy them up a bit by taking the pearl beads from an old bracelet and stitching them on the top part of the sandal.
Sorry the lighting/color is different... the WIP photos were taken by myself inside. They aren't perfect but you get the idea.
They turned out pretty snazzy and went prefect with this dress from Free People that my best friend Sarah found on eBay (she later gave the dress to me cause she's awesome like that <3). We finally were able to get together and shoot after not being able to for months. And like most of our shoots, it couldn't have gone better!
The weather that day was overcast and somewhat chilly so I decided to pair the dress with a crochet sweater I picked up secondhand months ago. It danced beautifully in the breeze and added that extra little fuz I needed to keep me cozy for our photo adventure.
We decided to walk a long the waterfront in downtown Seattle because it's always entertaining along the piers and I've really grown to love that briny fish smell of the Puget Sound. I figured the seashell necklaces and pearl strands I've had lying around for months now would work well with the location. I found them in a giant bag of random/broken jewelry I bought at a flea market and lost in the move, I love finding treasures like that!
Javanese Coffeewood Spirals from <--huge selection of plugs, check 'em out!

What I am wearing:
Knit Dress- Free People 
Crochet Sweater- Secondhand
Peal Covered Platforms- H&M, pearl accents added by myself(Shake That Ashh)
Javanese Coffeewood Spirals- Dunny Gun Body Jewelry
Jewelry- Assortment from Flea Markets and my Grandmother
All photography (unless stated otherwise) provided by the stellar Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography<-- check out her Facebook page! All photo editing in this blog post was done by myself though.

Shake That Ashh
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