Sunday, October 20, 2013

You're a little bit damaged, I'm a sucker for that...

I'm the picture that's faded, I'm the love you don't trust.
Take the girl out from under glass and she'll always want too much
-'Broken' Lauren Hoffman
As I've stated in previous posts, I am going through a stressful time with my boyfriend of five years. It's not anything either one of was prepared for... Let's just say, my entire life has pretty much been turned upside down. I am now trying to get used to a lifestyle I never expected to ever have to live, and so is he. This process has probably been one of the hardest, and most eye opening experiences I've encountered in my 24 years of existence. I'm sure most of you are probably wondering what the hell I could possibly be talking about, but I really don't feel like sharing it publicly yet. Just know that if I'm not entirely acting like myself, this is probably why.
I recently took a random road trip with my grandparents to the Oregon Coast. It was a refreshing trip, waves crashing on the shore and the foggy mist couldn't have made a more perfect setting for the thoughts that rushed through my mind. I could feel myself slowly giving into the dark thoughts that once clouded my brain for so many years. It has been a 'one-day-at-a-time' process to escape them, but I am getting by. Just finding ways to keep my mind distracted from the darkness before it settles in too deep.
Lace Cardigan: Forever 21
Floral Skirt & Leather Boots: Secondhand
'Spare Parts' Necklace: Made by Myself
Carved Black Rose Plugs: Dunny Gun
 Striped Thigh High Socks: Sock Dreams
This outfit was simply inspired by the fact that I knew I would be sitting in a car for hours. I wanted something I could be comfortable in, and I'm pretty in love with thigh high socks. They are so comfy and perfect for fall! The lace cardigan went nicely with the floral pattern on the skirt, and I of course had to wear my black rose carved plugs to really pull all the floral together. I am really kind of obsessed with this print for fall. Floral for fall is a lovely distraction from the reality of the cold air killing all the pretty flowers. But I do love the changing colors of all the leaves this time of the year. Now I feel like I'm just rambling, and have switched topics way more than enough for one post.

Over and Out... <3

Mean muggin' pug guarding momma's pumpkin ales... CAN'T TOUCH THIS! ha

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time Traveler

If I could bend time and space to go back to one day, and play it on repeat forever, it would have to be this day. I don't think I've ever experienced a place and moment more magical than this one.

If you haven't noticed in my previous posts, recreating similar moments I had as a child is what drives my inspiration to create. Something about it makes me feel like Peter Pan and I won't ever have to grow old because who honestly wants all that responsibly anyway.. Gross hah But that all changed last month. I can feel the dark thoughts slowly seeping back into my soul after working so hard to flush them out after my parents messy divorcé a couple years ago. So in attempt to not allow those negative thoughts back into my life I will be trying with all the energy I have left to focus on the positive and keep my creative spirits high.
The day I keep wanting to return to, didn't necessarily start out perfectly... I thought I was completely ready for this shoot after prepping for almost an entire year but oh, how wrong I was! First this stupid sporting event near my place that day, made it impossible for us to find parking to get ready, so we had to scratch that idea and drive back out to Sarah's. Then, I couldn't find the corset I specifically bought for this shoot like 9 months ago... So we had to do a last minute wardrobe change and ended up going in a completely different styling direction (which actually turned out pretty awesome). On top of all this, I forgot the one thing I seriously did not want to forget... MY NEW CAMERA! Can you tell I'm not a photographer? Lol, so you will have to settle for these crappy pics I took with my cell phone. BUT, Sarah(from Sarah Trickler Photography) was fortunate enough to get some once in a life time shots with her new camera. I will hopefully be sharing more of those with you when she is finished with magazine submissions.
Exploring the five story mini house with trees growing right through the inside... It just felt like it kept going, and going, and going... perfect place for a couple of pixies <3
Sarah being a creepy tree creeper ;p 
This mythical looking treehouse was in front of our very own eyes and in an instant all frustrations I had for that day melted away. It was seriously like I walked into a magical wardrobe and was in a place like Narnia. I could happily spend the rest of my life there, unfortunately that's not my reality... But you better believe I made the most of the few hours I did, pretending to live such a life in the trees!
Here are a few of the photos Sarah took for her Dreampunk Series... I was the 'Secret Keeper'. See more photos and read more about it on her Facebook page Sarah Tricker Photography. Don't forget to click the 'like' button or you might just miss more epic treehouse-ness!
Hair Color &Cut: Ava at Tigerlily Salon  
Black Dogwood Tibetan Cloud Lily Plugs: Dunny Gun Body Jewelery    
Necklace "Queen of Gears": Alternate History Designs
Utility belt: Mishu Boutique
Blouse, Skirt, Boots: Thrifted
Lace Shrug (from the wardrobe of the owner of): The Ivory Dolls

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

City on the Sound

As some of you may have read on my Facebook I am going through another personal 'rough patch' in my life. I was contemplating taking a break from blogging again but have finally come to the realization that my life could honestly be described as a horrible television drama that I can't seem to ever turn off. So instead of taking a break I'm just going to apologize ahead of time if my posts aren't as great as they could be. I will be trying not to allow my personal problems much influence but they may just push me to be even better... Here we go!
Work in Progress... Close up
Fancy Feets!
Now that summer's fading fast, I was able to score these white platforms from H&M for a super deal. I think they were on sale for about ten dollars! ;) I decided to fancy them up a bit by taking the pearl beads from an old bracelet and stitching them on the top part of the sandal.
Sorry the lighting/color is different... the WIP photos were taken by myself inside. They aren't perfect but you get the idea.
They turned out pretty snazzy and went prefect with this dress from Free People that my best friend Sarah found on eBay (she later gave the dress to me cause she's awesome like that <3). We finally were able to get together and shoot after not being able to for months. And like most of our shoots, it couldn't have gone better!
The weather that day was overcast and somewhat chilly so I decided to pair the dress with a crochet sweater I picked up secondhand months ago. It danced beautifully in the breeze and added that extra little fuz I needed to keep me cozy for our photo adventure.
We decided to walk a long the waterfront in downtown Seattle because it's always entertaining along the piers and I've really grown to love that briny fish smell of the Puget Sound. I figured the seashell necklaces and pearl strands I've had lying around for months now would work well with the location. I found them in a giant bag of random/broken jewelry I bought at a flea market and lost in the move, I love finding treasures like that!
Javanese Coffeewood Spirals from <--huge selection of plugs, check 'em out!

What I am wearing:
Knit Dress- Free People 
Crochet Sweater- Secondhand
Peal Covered Platforms- H&M, pearl accents added by myself(Shake That Ashh)
Javanese Coffeewood Spirals- Dunny Gun Body Jewelry
Jewelry- Assortment from Flea Markets and my Grandmother
All photography (unless stated otherwise) provided by the stellar Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography<-- check out her Facebook page! All photo editing in this blog post was done by myself though.

Shake That Ashh
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Silence

The silence has officially been broken and I have promised to update much more constantly! This summer has been one of the best I've had in a long time. I know that gets said frequently but I have been able to do so many more things this year that I missed out on past summers just because it took forever to get to them. Now I can literally walk out my front door and find something fun and entertaining going on. City living can get totally chaotic but I still have enjoyed every second of it so far (even when the creeps ask you freaky questions, e.g. "Do you like flesh scares? Do you like the smell of human flesh?")
My mom and little brothers from Idaho came up to visit in July, this gave me a great excuse to get out and have some fun with my family. We spent an afternoon at my family's cabin on the Puget Sound. It's a pretty sweet place, you walk out the back door, across the lawn, and you're on the beach. I'm not a huge fan of actually getting in the water (plus the water's way too cold here) but I really enjoy walking around the beach finding shells or whatever else washes up on shore, and watching the cruise ships go by while roasting s'mores in the toasty fire as the sunsets... love it!
Mini backpack I got on sale at work(Victoria's Secret) for $15... it's been my 'go-to bag' all summer!
Old Rob Zombie shirt I've had for years... can't find the strength to throw out a shirt with Sheri Moon's fine self on it so I cut the sleeves to make it beach friendly ;)
Hunting for Treasure
Please excuse the quality of the photos in this post, I forgot to charge my nice camera so I just used the camera on my phone.

Pretty Crane
Little crabbies I found on the beach... Going to make a necklace out of them!
We also went to a Seattle Mariners baseball game. While I'm not a huge sports fan, I do enjoy hanging out with my family, having a few beers, and stuffing my face with the greasy goodies;)  I, of course, had to have my Dippin Dots ice cream for dessert. I'm pretty sure this flavor was created just for me, cake batter with little bits of real batter and the color even matched my outfit!
My outfit matches my ice cream!!! :D
(See my lookbook--> for details about the outfit above...)

That's all for now but check back next week and I should have another new post up. In the mean time you can always follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr (click-able links listed below). Thank you!

Shake That Ashh

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ghost Girl

'Cut open my sternum and pull
My little ribs around you'
-Purity Ring
 Sorry for my absence... I am finally getting settled into my new city life and as big of an adjustment it has been I could not be more satisfied. I now officially live in the Art/Historical District of Seattle, Washington AKA Pioneer Square. I am within walking distance of work, which has been so nice and something I have never experienced. I've always pretty much lived in my car but now I rarely drive it, feels so goooood! I also have a lot of exciting news and projects in the works so you might want to start following me on here/Bloglovin, Facebook, or Instagram. I will be sure to keep all of them updated with awesomeness from this point forward!

here it is...
Decided to add a little silver to my blonde to change things up for a bit... I am really loving it ;)

That's all for now but have lots more to come so STAY TUNED!

Shake That Ashh

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Buddhaful Break

Even though it's been a dream of mine for quite some time now to live in a studio in Pioneer Square (Downtown Seattle), this move has been a stressful one for me. One might think achieving your dream goals would be all bliss but, no, you are oh so very wrong in my case. I am the worst when it comes to change! I know I have told you about this in a previous post but it just stresses me out, even when I know it's for the good. All last week I was such a mess and couldn't get anything done but this week I am feeling much more focused and have actually been getting my projects started and accomplished.
Something about finding this old Buddhaful tee was a sign I needed to relax and just let the positive energy flow back into my life and let the nervous energy out. If you've never heard of Buddhaful before you should check them out--> They are a Seattle based clothing company that sponsors events promoting not only fashion, but, art, music, and life. Their designs are unique and uplifting, I really enjoy the way they make you feel. Even though this is a regular over-sized men's tee, I love the design detailing put into it and the fabric is still very soft for being as old as it is. The site also sells yoga wear, shorts, dresses, skirts, vests, hoodies, coats, accessories and way more for both men and women!
I cuffed the sleeves of the tee and wore a pair of ripped up jean shorts with off-white lace tights underneath. I like the interesting texture and volume it gave to the look, plus I felt the brown leather boots and tan socks added to that effect.
The sun finally came out again so it has been nice out and very distracting. I decided to color my hair all fancy and take some photos outside for a while instead of packing. This was exactly what I needed to do to get my head cleared and actually finish my projects. Plus now I have some more outfit photos and a blog post to share with you. Totally a win/win! <3
Now.... Back to packing and moving!
Shake That Ashh

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last Minute Adventures

A few months back, my best friend Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography said she needed my help with a special project that had to be done in a few short days. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge but I was totally up for it, I mean I couldn't resist the chance to play with some of the lovely creations of Steampunk Couture's new 2013 Collection. If you haven't heard of this online company or style of clothing before, you really need to check this site out: The piece's they produce are all handmade and the attention to detail is exquisite. Highly recommend these designs to anyone wanting a bit more "Neo-Victorian, Sci-Fi and Shabby Chic fashion" in their lives! ;)
 We shot three looks in two days and I'm not gonna lie the first day was a bit of a mess. We started off late and it ended up getting dark before we could get much shooting in. We still managed to get a couple good shots of the Alexandra Bib Dress, which was very form-fitting but still super comfy. The poof sleeves on it were probably my favorite part, so big and kept their shape nicely!
The pocket watch in my hand is something Sarah received from Tragically Adorned (which is another online shop I recommend, fantastic jewelry pieces:
The next day shooting was much more of a  success and we were able to capture the other two looks I styled. The first piece I had to incorporate was a Skinny-fit Shrug with puff sleeves and button details. I loved the buttons, such pretty little hand-painted creations!

I decided to pair it with a corset from Ethereal Threads, another online shop I suggest checking out if your looking for custom fit, reasonably priced, well made corsets--> I purchased the lace skirt from a place in the mall and decided it looked better ripped up and tattered, I've also used it in a previous shoot but thought it went well with this look too.
The long striped socks were something Sarah found on, their above the knee sock selection is huge and I love all the different prints. The necklace was crafted by Sarah herself, check out her Etsy for more awesome-->
 For the very last look I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play in this gorgeously made Vex Skirt. This three tiered black skirt with red ruffle trim was such a staple steampunk piece to wear and style!

The new buttons I sewed on a cheap military jacket I picked up at Forever 21, went really well with antiqued looking buckle on the skirt. Sarah made a chain-linked book and rabbits foot to attached to the faux leather belt, I think it really gave the look more of an adventurous feel<3
All in all this experience was just another great excuse to have a good time playing with my best friend and some stunning designs. Made me feel like I was kid all over again, playing dress up with my cousin in my great-grandmother's fancy fur hats and pearls. I'll forever cherish memories like these! Thank YOU for taking time out of your day to allow me to share them with you. Now don't forget to check out the online shops I've listed in this blog if you're into creative, hand crafted goodies!
All photo were taken and edited by me dearest friend Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography<--check out her work!
Also in the middle of moving into an art studio space in Pioneer Square with my good friend Fox... Going to be living, breathing, and pretty much eating art 24/7. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see progress photos of that and understand why I've been so bad about keeping up with my postings lately ha!

Shake That Ashh

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