Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get Spirited Away...

"I'm out on the balcony, I can see the ocean
I'm practicing alchemy on you, pour a potion
conjure a spell, wish you well..."
I can feel the chill of fall in the the early morning air as I walk to work but since summer isn't officially over yet... might as well keep rockin' booty shorts & pool parties while you still can! ;
The song above will forever remind me of Summer '14. My second summer living in the city and I admit at times I tend to let my anxiety get the best of me. This might sound silly to some, but being around a lot people has always made me a bit uncomfortable. When you grow up in a town with a higher population of cattle than humans you tend to not see or interact with people as much. Living downtown Seattle is a completely different case but it has been a really amazing, life-altering experience, even if it's overwhelming at times. <3
To help deal with the stress of the city I get lost in little creative ventures. These white to purple ombre shorts originally had gold rivets down the sides but I decided to replace them with silver spiked studs. I am so stoked with how they turned out! The spiked studs were cheap and I have plenty of leftover to do more projects with in the future.
I have officially become obsessed with SOCKS and adding cute little details to them. These cupcake ruffle cuffs are so simple to make, I have a couple pairs for thigh high socks/stockings as well (featured a pair in the Spring Greetings Earthlings! post). I might just make a tutorial blog post soon since I have not done one in forever... ;) 
Also wanted to announce that I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet for fall and will be selling these Jeffery Campbell Sneakers along with other gently used items. As much as I am in love with these shoes they are just a bit too small (Size 6 UK). Please be sure to follow my Facebook & Instagram page for more details on when I get everything posted.
Opalite Stone Plug- Dunnygun Body Jewelry 
Gummi Bear Necklace- VINCA
Pot Luck Crop Top- Urban Outftters
Ombra High-Waist Short- Victoria's Secret PINK
Cupcake Ruffle Cuffs- DIY
Platform Sneakers- Jeffrey Campbell
Photo Cred- Carl Faulkner


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hidden Oasis & Forgotten Places

Happy to have returned from the dusty, desert-adventure with Fox! I recently had the opportunity to take a trip back to where I spent my childhood along the Snake River in the tiny town of Marsing, Idaho. It was such an awesome feeling to show a close friend from my current life in the city, my past... (and what shaped me into the odd little creature that I am today)  <3
My hometown is mostly farms and high desert but there are a few hidden gems. About ten minutes from my Dad's house (where we stayed in Marsing) is Jump Creek Canyon, and this canyon is still by far one of my favorite places. It will forever remind me of magic and faeries. Jump Creek Falls is a beautiful place tucked back in the Owyhee Mountains. Unfortunately I did not do the best job capturing it on film. We did however, go swimming under the falls and climbing around caves just like I remembered doing as a kid. I have spent so many years being away it was absolutely wonderful to go back here.
Following our dip in the cool oasis, I told Fox about this abandoned place from the 1800's that was really close by. Naturally we had to go take some photos and explore this eerie site that I almost forgot existed. 
After spending time with my family, a tour of the places I grew up, and gazing up at the brightest stars under the clearest night sky... we finally had to say goodbye to Idaho.

On our way back to Washington, we took advantage of seeing one last location I have spent most of my life wanting to check out and take photos of. Not going to lie... this place was CREEPY! Full of death traps and pretty much had my adrenaline pumping the entire time.
I did a bit of research on this area when we got home and it used to be a cement factory in the early 1900's. It was shut down and abandoned after they build a new one a few miles up the highway. I would definitely go back again if the chance presented itself, but, I would suggest extreme caution.

DIY Modified Shirt: Original from Urban Outfitters
Bubble Skirt & Dr. Martens Boots: Thrift Store Finds
Blue Glass Plugs: Dunnygun Body Jewelry
 (My bikini in previous photos is from Victoria's Secret & sandals are from Forever 21)
Foxy found BONES!!! <3
Lace Body Suit: Gifted From a Recent Shoot
Cheerleader Skirt: Tobi
Fox Vertebrae Necklace: Purchased at Mourning Market made by Persmoen Campbell
Gold Ring & Bracelets: Forever 21
(Fox's cap in the previous photos is from Enfu & her boots are Dr. Martens)
We decided we need to GTFO after spotting these freaky stairs going down into the darkness because obviously that is where the 'mole people' dwell. In the end, we survived this excursion and I'm looking forward to a few more before summer is gone. To see more photos and keep up to date with new posts please follow me on Instagram & Facebook.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Alien Munchies

Get up on my level...
This set of photos took some time to shoot but it was well worth the wait for the sun to go down just enough. Carl Faulkner told me about this location awhile back so I thought up an outfit and BAM*MAGIC!! His eye for lighting seriously took this look up to boss level. I am so proud of us, thanks CARL! <3

My roomie Fox was sweet enough to gift me this rad Enfu Cap from Pink Gorilla. It has the cutest little French Bulldog on it that goes excellently with my crazy neon rainbow donut leggings from Black Milk Clothing. I made the ice cream lip gloss necklace after rummaging through the 'kid's makeup section'. I'm not sure which is more disturbing... the fact they have makeup for children or that I actually was digging through it. Regardless I'm very happy with my finding. :)   

My top is an old t-shirt but I still like the way the fabric hangs, so I decided to cut the sleeves off and glued some sparkly crowns around the neck to give it a majestic new life. It is very sheer so a bright colored bra/top pops perfectly underneath; love it for these hot summer days we've been having in Seattle recently.
Frenchie Cap: ENFU x Pink Gorilla
Blue Lace Agate Plugs: Dunnygun Body Jewelry
Ice Cream Lip Gloss Necklace: DIY
Sparkle Crown Top: DIY
Hot Pink Bra: Victoria's Secret
Donut Neon Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Holographic Sneaker Wedge: Urban Outfitters  
Summer is really starting to heat up!!! Please be sure to check out my Instagram for daily outfits and don't forget to follow my Facebook so you never miss a blog post! ;)


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cheer Electric*

Kind of obsessed with the whole "cheerleader" look recently. I actually was one in high school and I really enjoyed it. Not because I liked cheering on the team, or being a part of the petty drama, but I loved flying. A 'flyer' is the one who's tossed into the air or balances on one foot while someone holds you above their head. Perfect balance and a fit/flexible body are key because you must be able to hold yourself in place or move around quickly before you land. I believe the same skills are very useful when modeling so I embrace the fact that I was a cheerleader. ;)   
The outfit I styled for this post is what I would have wanted to wear as a cheerleader back in the day. Actually, I almost got expelled from school for posting photos in my uniform that kind of look similar to these... LOL <3 CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP!!
Funky neon rainbow fishnets, mermaid chameleon flatforms, & skeleton seahorse love! Mixing sea inspired punk accessories feel proper. Moving to Seattle from a landlocked state has brought me so much closer to all the living things in the salty waters, I find them inspiring and magical. 
Crop Top- Tobi
Cheerleader Skirt- Tobi
Rainbow Fishnets- Goodwill
Flatform Boot- Solestruck x Blackmilk
Star Tunnel Plugs- Dunnygun Body Jewelry
Seahorse Necklace- Trendy Wendy
 All photos in this post were shot by my raddest of rad friends Carl Faulkner. We groove so well together, I always have a blast working with him! Plenty more to come soon so keep your eye's peeled. Follow my Instagram & Facebook to make sure you don't miss anything! ;)

Ashh <3

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prairie Playtime

I can't believe summer is finally here! Time for more outdoor play dates and photo adventures with my favoritest little creative creatures... like this set I shot with my lovely friend Sarah Trickler when I went to visit her. She's an amazing photographer who I have had the pleasure of working with numerous times in the past. Always thinking up new projects to try and she has started making the prettiest custom crystal creations I have ever seen! If you aren't following her photography or haven't checked out her jewelry you are seriously missing out on someone who's going places. I highly recommend changing that by clicking the following links: Sarah Trickler Photography & CreationsbyaCat  <3
The only thing I could think about while shooting this look was all the episodes of 'Little House on the Prairie' I used to watch growing up. I loved to envision what it would be like living in 19th Century on the wild west. It probably helped that I grew up on a small farm so riding horseback and cattle drives were something my family actually did. I miss that life sometimes but right now I am enjoying my time in the city. Plus one of the best things about Seattle is that you don't have to travel far to find gorgeous places like this to play for the day.
 Dress: Modcloth
Wooden Wing Plugs: Dunnygun Body Jewelry
Crystal Necklace, Rings, Bracelet: Creationsbyacat
Leather Boots: Thrift Store

Summer is here so expect more play dates and blog posts to come! ;)
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fawn-cy Freeee

I am finding it very difficult to concentrate on the online/technology part of my life when I have so many beautiful distractions going on around me... but I am very pleased to finally share a bit of that with you today. I recently shot this 'fawn-inspired' look with Al Lin of and it turned out fantastic! I have been anticipating the return of sunshine just to shoot this look specifically, and we really lucked out on this day. Not only did we find gorgeous blossoms to shoot under but the rain also stayed away the entire shoot, which is a rare occurrence in these parts during the spring.    
SO in love with my UNIF Harness Dress in 'pastel' from Dolls Kill. The sheer sparkly fabric has the perfect flow that makes me feel like a magically little fae every time I wear it. Decided to use my Dunnygun plugs made of 'opal glass' to add some glow and my fancy new Butterfly Ring from Born Pretty Jewelry&Accessory <-- if you're looking for awesome little statement pieces CLICK THE LINK! Use discount code "SENT10" when checking out to receive 10% off your order ;)
Juel of was kind enough to add her amazing skill set and pulled off a last minute 'fawn fae' makeup & hair look that meshed perfectly with the custom Moss & Flower Fawn Mini Antler and Ear Headband from Idolatre Clothing Co. <3 Please visit to see more stunning creations and place custom orders. **Highly recommend checking out both these talents if you haven't done so already, their attention to detail is exquisite!
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Thursday, May 22, 2014


The ever so talented Sarah of Sarah Trickler Photography and I have recently been bouncing our hang out sessions between the city streets of Downtown Seattle and the deep woods under Mount Rainier. In this set Sarah came out to visit me in the city and we shot some of her new jewelry for her Etsy shop CreationsbyaCat<--Click the link to check it out. I am in love with all the crystal designs she's been conjuring up, they're stunning!
That blue marking on my fingers is NOT A TATTOO Hahaha! ;) We just had a bit too much fun the night before and thought writing on our fingers with permanent marker was a good idea. It may have taken a couple days of scrubbing and a few awkward looks at work but it did eventually came off... Oops!
All Photos Taken & Edited- Sarah Trickler Photography
Crystal Rings & Necklace- CreationsbyaCat
'Broken Heart' Plugs- Dunnygun Body Jewelry 
White Coat- Farinaz Taghavi
Floral Skirt & Knit Cardigan- Secondhand Find//Thrift Store
Tan Booties- Ross
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Ashh <3

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kennedy School Creeps

"And it's so sad to see the world agree
That they'd rather see their faces fill with flies
All when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes"
~Neutral Milk Hotel

Had a blast in Portland, Oregon with this Foxy little creature for my birthday last month! My roomie was sweet enough to purchase us both tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel play live at the Crystal Ballroom and OHMYWOW was it an unforgettable experience! Honestly, the entire escapade in Portland was amazing. We ended up staying three days and didn't want to come home by the end of it. A local friend was kind enough to take us to a bunch of really neat places but I, of course, only ended up taking photos one of the days... someday I will be better at this!
We went to a few really rad bars, Kennedy School just so happened to be one of them. On our last day we decided to go back during the day to have a little photo shoot... 'cause who wouldn't want to get drunk in a "school" and take mischievous photos?!
Kennedy School used to be an actual elementary school until they turned it into the most amazing hotel/lounge/theater EVER! It has multiple bars, a pool, theater, restaurant, and gym. They even kept to the original school theme so every room has a different vibe.
Fox and I's favorite room was probably the Broiler Room Bar <3 The railing and chandelier details were the part I liked best about it...
I just had to wear my new 'cheerleader skirt' I purchased from Tobi for my birthday. It went perfect with the school girl thing we were going for and paired it with my 'Spare Parts' Star Wars tee to give an extra nerdy vibe.
Fox wore a pretty little lace bodysuit with her laced up shorts from Forever 21. We both rocked the thigh high stockings and Doc Martens to give our looks a bit of edge ;)

I have been recently swamped with a million things since returning from my vacation... but I promise to dedicate all free time to getting caught up so I can share all of the exciting projects I've been working on this spring and what's to come for summer! To see behind the scenes and sneak peeks don't forget to follow my Instagram & Facebook page...

Ashh <3