Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

"Now we turnt up and you turnt out"
"We burn it up and you burnt out"
"I'm caked up with my cakes out and you eat that shit- Lil Debbie"
Loving me some Lil Debbie and I'm not talking about the sweet treat... <3 Feeling like a bossy bitch in this look, thought her lyrics fit this post perfectly. New outfits and light projector experimenting with David Wentworth at Flutter Studio turned out pretty legit. The high waist shorts paired with my spiked out shoes make my legs look ridiculously long. For those of you who have never seen me in person, I'm only five foot... oh the magic of styling! ;)
Black Dogwood 'La Estrella' Plugs- Dunny Gun Body Jewelry
Spiked 'Heelless' Shoes- Declared
'Pleather' High Waist Shorts- H&M
Sugar Skull Shirt- Purchased at a local festival forever ago
Photos- David Wentworth//Flutter Studio

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Live in a Hologram with You...

"And nothing's wrong but nothing's true... I live in a hologram with you"
"Make believe, it's hyper real... But I live in a hologram with you"
"Cola with the burnt-out taste
I'm the one you tell your fears to

There'll never be enough of us"
Knit Cap with DIY Sparkle Pom
Lace Necklace: Fathom Fortuna
Winter Coat: Mod Cloth
Tulle Skirt: Target
Thigh High Socks: Sock Dreams
Holographic Sneaker Wedge: Urban Outfitters

After helping my grandmother take down our Christmas ornaments (Yes it's been over a month ago, I've been playing catch up remember?), I found a piece of shiny garland and I thought it would go perfectly with my holographic sneakers I was wearing that day. So I pinned it to the top of my knit beanie and BAM SPARKLE POM HAT! <3
My little brother Josh and I decided to go on a 'photo-venture' and take some pictures of me in my freshly found sparkles. Josh ended up really enjoying using my fancy camera, so much so, he actually enrolled in a photography class in college. Even though he is currently going to school to become a pilot, photography would be a pretty perfect hobby for someone who can travel the world so easily. Proud big sister moment and ecstatic he's living close so we can actually kick it. He took every photo in this post (except the last one of the skirt detail was taken by myself). Not bad at all for his first time using my DSLR. Expect a lot more photo features on my blog from this kid... I plan to make him go on all the thrills with me and he better fly me all sorts of places because HELLO he's my little brother and he loves me! lol
This skirt was a three dollar clearance find in the kids section at Target. Yes, sometimes I wear children's clothes :p hahaha! I have another set of collaborative photos that were taken with a similar outfit and show the skirt more. I plan to share them with you very soon... but I already have a few photos posted on Facebook & Instagram if you'd like to see a sneak peek ;) Don't forget to 'like' or 'follow' those pages if you haven't already.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Aviator's Girlfriend

My head's too high in the sky to see the earth. My mind's addicted to the clouds and don't ever want to come back down. But I'm grounded by the reality of chaos I can not escape...

I think I mentioned something about this in my last post but just to make an extra point... it was a very long and strenuous holiday season. Trying to balance my crazy retail job and a social life in the city was a bit intense. I really burnt myself out and am still feeling the after effects. I did manage in collaborate with Sarah Tickler, who you may have noticed is a very close and dear friend of mine.  It felt great to the escape the chaos for a day and just be creative.
Sarah actually styled this entire look and I am in love with this teal wig, it's perfect! I'm so proud of her :) you should also check out her Etsy store CreationsbyaCat, she's been making some really rad crystal and custom work lately. The aviator hat is from Steampunk Couture and the extra long scarf and matching gloves are from The Ivory Dolls. I highly recommend checking out both designers if you haven't already.
All Photos Taken & Edited- Sarah Trickler Photography
Aviator Hat- Steampunk Couture
Scarf & Matching Gloves- The Ivory Dolls
Necklaces- CreationsbyaCat
Socks- Sock Dreams
Leather Boots- Dr. Martens

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