Tuesday, February 26, 2013


You found the Secret S*T*ASHH!
After many years of 'I really want to's and 'I've been thinking about it's I have officially started a blog. Internet blogging and social networking have been a part of my life for quit some time now. I was sneaking onto MSN chat over 13 years ago hah it's been a few years!  I always found it kind of fascinating and a bit thrilling at times... chatting with people you didn't really know who were hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. I realize now that it can be dangerous for a youngster but I did it behind my parents back and nothing too harmful came from it. *shrugs* I did a lot of things behind their backs, I was a bit of a rebel. Bossing around the neighbor boys and always getting into some sort of mischief. Ahhh to be young again<3
Mom & I in the 90's Under the Bridge in my home town Marsing, Idaho
I have decided to focus this blog mainly around my fashion & styling adventures. For the past fives years my life has been consumed by fashion. I mean I have always been very aware of what I'm wearing and how people form opinions based on it. I was a huge 'tom boy' and hated wearing or doing anything that was even remotely girly. I would much rather have a tee with a dog on it and a pair of ripped up blue jeans than a poofy pink dress and curled hair and I would let my mom and grandmother know it! haha In Junior High I was very into 'Goth' & 'Rave' fashion. I remember making this Jester Hat with binkies, glowsitcks, and fake pot leaves attached to the ends by safety pins, it was one of my favorite hats!
Upper Left: That's how I used to take family photos... talk about depressing! ha 
         Bottom Left: Visiting my biological father & step mom in California
                    Right: My hair was actually super short and blonde in this photo but I couldn't find any of me with my hair showing... i hated having my photo taken at this point in time  -_-  such a weirdo!
It was around this time that I became very depressed and completely lost myself. It was a constant battle 24hrs  a day, 7 days a week, for about 12 years. I had such an extreme amount of hate growing inside me, it clouded my views on every aspect of my life. As challenging as it was, I managed to get out of the small Idaho town I spent my entire life in and move hundreds of miles away to the city of Seattle, Washington. The adjustment period was a bit rough but with time everything in my life just started to feel right again. I met most of my friends online and still continue to do so. Finally making friends as the genuine me, not some fake person I thought I had to become to get people to like me.  For the first time in 12 years I  felt I could just be myself and it was ok to be alone and do things independently instead of always having to have someone there telling me how to do it or what I should do. Oh the joys of growing up <3
Exploring my new home & rediscovering myself
Once I started attending fashion classes at The International Academy Of Design and Technology my mind started to fully absorb all things fashion and really understand it. That school & the support from my two very loving grandparents was exactly what I needed to bust outta the hard shell I created over the years and rediscover my artistic eye and the ability to share my opinions or ideas with others. Creating my own designs pushed me into modeling which is something I've always been interested in doing... just never really thought I could. Modeling was also a great way for me to network and meet other talented people in the industry, it was perfect! I did just that, and graduated 2 years ago with a Degree  in Fashion Merchandising. I managed to land a job at a very successful lingerie company most of you may be familiar with, Victoria's Secret? I work behind the scenes, mainly with the new product and visual elements of the store. It's nice to have the opportunity to see all the new colors and styles first, plus using creative thinking and my artistic eye when setting the new displays in the store is highly enjoyable as well. On my off time I still design and model my own creations along with the works of the many crafty people I've met and continue to meet in the process.
Working my Magic*
Photos captured by the amazing Sarah Trickler of Sarah Trickler Photography <<Click Link
That my followers and fellow bloggers is exactly what I would like this blog to be about... Welcome to the Fashionably WoNkY & Creatively  Random Life I Live!  

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  1. i love this! always been curious about your background but didn't want to come off as that nosy older chic :) and love to see and experience your talents! lovin the mushrooms too. thanx for sharing dude

    1. Thank you Lanie! Glad people are actually interested. I've always wanted to start a blog but I never really got around to it but now seems like the right time I guess ;)