Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time Traveler

If I could bend time and space to go back to one day, and play it on repeat forever, it would have to be this day. I don't think I've ever experienced a place and moment more magical than this one.

If you haven't noticed in my previous posts, recreating similar moments I had as a child is what drives my inspiration to create. Something about it makes me feel like Peter Pan and I won't ever have to grow old because who honestly wants all that responsibly anyway.. Gross hah But that all changed last month. I can feel the dark thoughts slowly seeping back into my soul after working so hard to flush them out after my parents messy divorcé a couple years ago. So in attempt to not allow those negative thoughts back into my life I will be trying with all the energy I have left to focus on the positive and keep my creative spirits high.
The day I keep wanting to return to, didn't necessarily start out perfectly... I thought I was completely ready for this shoot after prepping for almost an entire year but oh, how wrong I was! First this stupid sporting event near my place that day, made it impossible for us to find parking to get ready, so we had to scratch that idea and drive back out to Sarah's. Then, I couldn't find the corset I specifically bought for this shoot like 9 months ago... So we had to do a last minute wardrobe change and ended up going in a completely different styling direction (which actually turned out pretty awesome). On top of all this, I forgot the one thing I seriously did not want to forget... MY NEW CAMERA! Can you tell I'm not a photographer? Lol, so you will have to settle for these crappy pics I took with my cell phone. BUT, Sarah(from Sarah Trickler Photography) was fortunate enough to get some once in a life time shots with her new camera. I will hopefully be sharing more of those with you when she is finished with magazine submissions.
Exploring the five story mini house with trees growing right through the inside... It just felt like it kept going, and going, and going... perfect place for a couple of pixies <3
Sarah being a creepy tree creeper ;p 
This mythical looking treehouse was in front of our very own eyes and in an instant all frustrations I had for that day melted away. It was seriously like I walked into a magical wardrobe and was in a place like Narnia. I could happily spend the rest of my life there, unfortunately that's not my reality... But you better believe I made the most of the few hours I did, pretending to live such a life in the trees!
Here are a few of the photos Sarah took for her Dreampunk Series... I was the 'Secret Keeper'. See more photos and read more about it on her Facebook page Sarah Tricker Photography. Don't forget to click the 'like' button or you might just miss more epic treehouse-ness!
Hair Color &Cut: Ava at Tigerlily Salon  
Black Dogwood Tibetan Cloud Lily Plugs: Dunny Gun Body Jewelery    
Necklace "Queen of Gears": Alternate History Designs
Utility belt: Mishu Boutique
Blouse, Skirt, Boots: Thrifted
Lace Shrug (from the wardrobe of the owner of): The Ivory Dolls

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