Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

"Now we turnt up and you turnt out"
"We burn it up and you burnt out"
"I'm caked up with my cakes out and you eat that shit- Lil Debbie"
Loving me some Lil Debbie and I'm not talking about the sweet treat... <3 Feeling like a bossy bitch in this look, thought her lyrics fit this post perfectly. New outfits and light projector experimenting with David Wentworth at Flutter Studio turned out pretty legit. The high waist shorts paired with my spiked out shoes make my legs look ridiculously long. For those of you who have never seen me in person, I'm only five foot... oh the magic of styling! ;)
Black Dogwood 'La Estrella' Plugs- Dunny Gun Body Jewelry
Spiked 'Heelless' Shoes- Declared
'Pleather' High Waist Shorts- H&M
Sugar Skull Shirt- Purchased at a local festival forever ago
Photos- David Wentworth//Flutter Studio

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