Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Greeting Earthlings!

It feels as if I've been on a spaceship traveling to a million different planets with zero time to blog... but after a month of inspiring experiences and radical encounters I'm ready to start sharing again!
Star Makeup By Redd Walitzki
I am beyond lucky to have such amazing friends in my life. Not only are they extremely talented, creating some of the most interestingly beautiful things I have ever seen, but they also genuinely care about me. I've always been a bit awkward and shy so making new friends was never an easy thing. One of the reasons I got into modeling was to force myself to meet new people and possibly even friends. And that's exactly what has happened! ;)  
This set was a collaborative effort with two of my favorites... Carl Faulkner & Redd Walitzki <3 If you have not checked their work YOU NEED TO! I was fortunate enough to become their neighbor(just across the hall) so I get the pleasure of popping in on them just about whenever and they do the same. I haven't had friends that close in a long time, let alone peoples I can actually create awesome with. Expect to see plenty more from us in the future!     
Pastel pink sequin & mint green cupcake garters were made by myself and I am very pleased with how they turned out. The garters are super simple and cheap to D.I.Y plus they help keep your socks/stockings from  slipping ;)
A few of my wardrobe pieces might look a bit familiar because I styled them in a winter look titled I Live in a Hologram with You... <--Click title to see it!

Tank/Bandeau: VS Pink
Lace Necklace: Fathom Fortuna  
Tulle Skirt: Target 
Thigh High Socks: Sock Dreams 
Cupcake Garter: D.I.Y.
Holographic Sneaker Wedge: Urban Outfitters
Photography: Carl Faulkner
Makeup: Redd Walitzki
 I am currently working on so many projects, it's extremely exciting!! Can't wait to share more with you as soon as I can but in the meantime follow my Instagram & Facebook for sneak previews/behind the scenes.
XOXO <3 


  1. This outfit is so cool. I love the colours in it. :)

  2. I love your looks, here the thigh high socks are amazing ( I love the site socks dreams ) large choice and good tastes ! ♥