Monday, April 29, 2013

Destroyed to Recreated

"I want to exorcise the demons from your past " - Muse

 As bad as I want to fix everyone I have become close to I can not!
 They must make the choices to change for themselves... I am a huge control freak. I remember having to control every choice I put myself in as a child or my animal. I was the one who was always bossing everyone and everything around... Making them play my way. I have learned in the past couple years that I can not have control of everything. Sometimes I have to learn to adapt to things I never thought I would ever have to think about. That is life. This realization has brought me closer than ever to fabric, something I can manipulate and change whenever I please <3
Destroy the past to recreate the future <3

Old Tee Shirt from Boyfriend's Closet- Altered by Myself
Grey Studded Shorts- Gift from Grandma
Garter Belt- Victoria's Secret
Fish Net Thigh Highs- Lovers
 Vintage Dr. Martens- Thrift Store

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