Monday, May 6, 2013

Pastel Pony's Past (Birthday Suit Edition)

As much as I loved playing outside with nature and the animals on the farm when I was very young, I  also enjoyed my toys! Most of my favorites consisted of toy dogs, My Little Ponies, Troll Dolls, and Polly Pocket. I still vividly remember playing with them to this day, they were my little treasures. oh and i could never forget the doll house that my grandmother and I had so many memorable moments playing with.  Oh the nostalgia, yes I'm a sucker for it when it comes to my style.
For my twenty fourth birthday this year I decided to go with an outfit that reminded me of my childhood. When I first saw the Unicorn Leggings Black Milk was selling, I just knew I had to have them for my birthday party. They reminded me of the My Little Ponies I was so obsessed with... totally infatuated with the mix of pastel colors! I was extremely fortunate to have an awesome friend actually get them for me,  you rock Tim <3
I ended up getting one of our new colorful bandeau bra tops from work (Victoria's Secret). I decided to go with teal because it's not only one of my favorite colors but also pops well against the pastel color palette I wanted to use.  I painted my nails the same color and used micro beads to add texture to the nails. The micro beads or 'nail caviar' is fun to use for shoots or special occasions but the beads tend to shed quite a bit.
 My grandmother was sweet enough to order me these bad ass holographic wedge sneakers from Urban Outfitters. I thought they would be perfection with my unicorn leggings and boy was I right! The day they arrived and I saw them in person I was so stoked. Officially my new favorite kicks so you will probably end up seeing a lot of outfits with them included this summer, they're soo pretty in the sun! Ugghh so in love <3 ha! The lavender holy sweater top was also something that my grandmother got me. It kept me warm enough for the Spring weather but you could still peep through to the pop of teal underneath to keep it party sexy.
Instead of the traditional birthday tiara you see girls wearing on their birthdays, I decided to switch things up a bit and opted to wear a giant birthday bow covered in rhinestones. The bow was actually a display we used in our store for awhile but I was able to keep it after we were finished using it. It was just the right size to sew in clips so I could put it in my hair, still a bit awkward though so I took it off a few hours into the night. But it did work lovely for the shoot, soooo SPARKLY!

Didn't get many photos of my outfit on the actual night of the party so of course I had to do a shoot in it. Steve Rydgren of ImaginEssance is seriously one of my favorite photographers to work with, he always has the best ideas for locations. He told me about Point Defiance Park in Tacoma and thought it would be just the right time to take photos with the trees in blossom. We ended up finding this huge tree and when I say huge I mean so large the branches actually split the trunk. It was gnarly but gorgeous, giant branches covered in full bloom cherry blossoms everywhere. Was such a magical tree and climbing it took me right back to feeling like a kid again, it was amazing!
Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed the experience of taking them!

*Birthday Cheers* to another sparkly year of magic&glitter <3

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