Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mutilated Mermaids & Computer Guts

This outfit is strangely nostalgic for me... ok well maybe the mermaid part isn't that strange. Plenty of people like mermaids. My favorite memory of mermaids would have to be the colorful ones from the movie 'Hook'. I was always so mesmerized by their beautiful hair and the sparkly scales! See for yourself...

The strange part I'm referring to is the circuit boards. My dad is a computer engineer so growing up we always had random computer pieces laying around. I thought they were interesting to look at but never really understood what they were for until my dad explained it to me one day. What can I say... I'm computer geekin', even their guts are pretty to me. Ha! #SuperNERDStatus <3
These 'Circuit Board' leggings I got from Black Milk bring a rush of childhood memories back every time I see them, it's wonderful!
As you may have already noticed... the mermaid on my shirt isn't exactly like my favorites from childhood. It's just a tiny bit more dark and morbid but like most of the Atrocious Works designs, it really grabbed my attention.  
I think the dissected mermaid image pairs so well with the subtle print of computer guts. The idea of technology vs. mythology may be a bit of stretch, but the colors work together and over sized tops with tight fitting or no bottoms at all is honestly one of my favorite combos. It may not create the most flattering silhouettes but it's one I personally rock all of the time in my daily wardrobe. Because in my style book nostalgia and comfort win! ;) 
Dogwood 'La Estrella' Plugs- Dunny Gun Body Jewelry  
'Mermaider' Tee- Atrocious Works
'Circuit Board' Leggings- Black Milk Clothing
Sneaker Wedge- H&M
Photos- David Wentworth//Flutter Studio
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Ashh <3 

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