Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cheer Electric*

Kind of obsessed with the whole "cheerleader" look recently. I actually was one in high school and I really enjoyed it. Not because I liked cheering on the team, or being a part of the petty drama, but I loved flying. A 'flyer' is the one who's tossed into the air or balances on one foot while someone holds you above their head. Perfect balance and a fit/flexible body are key because you must be able to hold yourself in place or move around quickly before you land. I believe the same skills are very useful when modeling so I embrace the fact that I was a cheerleader. ;)   
The outfit I styled for this post is what I would have wanted to wear as a cheerleader back in the day. Actually, I almost got expelled from school for posting photos in my uniform that kind of look similar to these... LOL <3 CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP!!
Funky neon rainbow fishnets, mermaid chameleon flatforms, & skeleton seahorse love! Mixing sea inspired punk accessories feel proper. Moving to Seattle from a landlocked state has brought me so much closer to all the living things in the salty waters, I find them inspiring and magical. 
Crop Top- Tobi
Cheerleader Skirt- Tobi
Rainbow Fishnets- Goodwill
Flatform Boot- Solestruck x Blackmilk
Star Tunnel Plugs- Dunnygun Body Jewelry
Seahorse Necklace- Trendy Wendy
 All photos in this post were shot by my raddest of rad friends Carl Faulkner. We groove so well together, I always have a blast working with him! Plenty more to come soon so keep your eye's peeled. Follow my Instagram & Facebook to make sure you don't miss anything! ;)

Ashh <3

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