Sunday, July 20, 2014

Alien Munchies

Get up on my level...
This set of photos took some time to shoot but it was well worth the wait for the sun to go down just enough. Carl Faulkner told me about this location awhile back so I thought up an outfit and BAM*MAGIC!! His eye for lighting seriously took this look up to boss level. I am so proud of us, thanks CARL! <3

My roomie Fox was sweet enough to gift me this rad Enfu Cap from Pink Gorilla. It has the cutest little French Bulldog on it that goes excellently with my crazy neon rainbow donut leggings from Black Milk Clothing. I made the ice cream lip gloss necklace after rummaging through the 'kid's makeup section'. I'm not sure which is more disturbing... the fact they have makeup for children or that I actually was digging through it. Regardless I'm very happy with my finding. :)   

My top is an old t-shirt but I still like the way the fabric hangs, so I decided to cut the sleeves off and glued some sparkly crowns around the neck to give it a majestic new life. It is very sheer so a bright colored bra/top pops perfectly underneath; love it for these hot summer days we've been having in Seattle recently.
Frenchie Cap: ENFU x Pink Gorilla
Blue Lace Agate Plugs: Dunnygun Body Jewelry
Ice Cream Lip Gloss Necklace: DIY
Sparkle Crown Top: DIY
Hot Pink Bra: Victoria's Secret
Donut Neon Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Holographic Sneaker Wedge: Urban Outfitters  
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