Thursday, May 7, 2015

Casual Kushi

Nothing like a chill afternoon at Kushibar... this one of my favorite haunts in Belltown. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for yummy noodles & sake. Plus the staff is pretty rad & they have karaoke every Thursday night too ;)
When my friend handed me this dress saying it's been one of her favorites for a long time I knew it was going to be awesome! It fit perfect and I immediately fell in love so I just had to wear it the very next day. Jools if you're reading this you are seriously THE BEST!!!
Plaid Dress - Vintage Lip Service
Knit Top - Thrifted
Spiked Collar - Local shop that no longer exists :(
Dr Martens Boots - Thrifted
I also wore it in my latest video on Youtube. I did the 'TMI Tag' so it does get a little personal but if you would like to check it out >>Click Here<< I upload new videos every Sunday so don't forget to subscribe. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see sneak peeks of the exciting projects I have in the works!

Loves & Hugsss