Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hidden Oasis & Forgotten Places

Happy to have returned from the dusty, desert-adventure with Fox! I recently had the opportunity to take a trip back to where I spent my childhood along the Snake River in the tiny town of Marsing, Idaho. It was such an awesome feeling to show a close friend from my current life in the city, my past... (and what shaped me into the odd little creature that I am today)  <3
My hometown is mostly farms and high desert but there are a few hidden gems. About ten minutes from my Dad's house (where we stayed in Marsing) is Jump Creek Canyon, and this canyon is still by far one of my favorite places. It will forever remind me of magic and faeries. Jump Creek Falls is a beautiful place tucked back in the Owyhee Mountains. Unfortunately I did not do the best job capturing it on film. We did however, go swimming under the falls and climbing around caves just like I remembered doing as a kid. I have spent so many years being away it was absolutely wonderful to go back here.
Following our dip in the cool oasis, I told Fox about this abandoned place from the 1800's that was really close by. Naturally we had to go take some photos and explore this eerie site that I almost forgot existed. 
After spending time with my family, a tour of the places I grew up, and gazing up at the brightest stars under the clearest night sky... we finally had to say goodbye to Idaho.

On our way back to Washington, we took advantage of seeing one last location I have spent most of my life wanting to check out and take photos of. Not going to lie... this place was CREEPY! Full of death traps and pretty much had my adrenaline pumping the entire time.
I did a bit of research on this area when we got home and it used to be a cement factory in the early 1900's. It was shut down and abandoned after they build a new one a few miles up the highway. I would definitely go back again if the chance presented itself, but, I would suggest extreme caution.

DIY Modified Shirt: Original from Urban Outfitters
Bubble Skirt & Dr. Martens Boots: Thrift Store Finds
Blue Glass Plugs: Dunnygun Body Jewelry
 (My bikini in previous photos is from Victoria's Secret & sandals are from Forever 21)
Foxy found BONES!!! <3
Lace Body Suit: Gifted From a Recent Shoot
Cheerleader Skirt: Tobi
Fox Vertebrae Necklace: Purchased at Mourning Market made by Persmoen Campbell
Gold Ring & Bracelets: Forever 21
(Fox's cap in the previous photos is from Enfu & her boots are Dr. Martens)
We decided we need to GTFO after spotting these freaky stairs going down into the darkness because obviously that is where the 'mole people' dwell. In the end, we survived this excursion and I'm looking forward to a few more before summer is gone. To see more photos and keep up to date with new posts please follow me on Instagram & Facebook.



  1. I dig this. Thanks!

  2. P.S. Just when you think everything is hunky dory, fucking mole people.