Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get Spirited Away...

"I'm out on the balcony, I can see the ocean
I'm practicing alchemy on you, pour a potion
conjure a spell, wish you well..."
I can feel the chill of fall in the the early morning air as I walk to work but since summer isn't officially over yet... might as well keep rockin' booty shorts & pool parties while you still can! ;
The song above will forever remind me of Summer '14. My second summer living in the city and I admit at times I tend to let my anxiety get the best of me. This might sound silly to some, but being around a lot people has always made me a bit uncomfortable. When you grow up in a town with a higher population of cattle than humans you tend to not see or interact with people as much. Living downtown Seattle is a completely different case but it has been a really amazing, life-altering experience, even if it's overwhelming at times. <3
To help deal with the stress of the city I get lost in little creative ventures. These white to purple ombre shorts originally had gold rivets down the sides but I decided to replace them with silver spiked studs. I am so stoked with how they turned out! The spiked studs were cheap and I have plenty of leftover to do more projects with in the future.
I have officially become obsessed with SOCKS and adding cute little details to them. These cupcake ruffle cuffs are so simple to make, I have a couple pairs for thigh high socks/stockings as well (featured a pair in the Spring Greetings Earthlings! post). I might just make a tutorial blog post soon since I have not done one in forever... ;) 
Also wanted to announce that I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet for fall and will be selling these Jeffery Campbell Sneakers along with other gently used items. As much as I am in love with these shoes they are just a bit too small (Size 6 UK). Please be sure to follow my Facebook & Instagram page for more details on when I get everything posted.
Opalite Stone Plug- Dunnygun Body Jewelry 
Gummi Bear Necklace- VINCA
Pot Luck Crop Top- Urban Outftters
Ombra High-Waist Short- Victoria's Secret PINK
Cupcake Ruffle Cuffs- DIY
Platform Sneakers- Jeffrey Campbell
Photo Cred- Carl Faulkner